How to Stay Active during Retirement

During retirement, seniors can enjoy active exercise that enhances health and provides social contacts with little effort or expense. According to the Mayo Clinic, regular physical activity provides health benefits for seniors that include these:

• weight control
• increased energy
• resistance to cardiovascular disease
• diversion from dull routine

Suitable Activities for Seniors

Retirement provides time to participate in activities that contribute to overall health. Staying active helps seniors maintain independence and reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Some easy ways to get aerobic activity every day include these:

• play golf
• join a water aerobics class
• walk at a rapid pace in an air conditioned mall
• ride a bicycle
• push a lawn mower
• play doubles tennis with a partner

The tendency to lead a sedentary life seems to increase with age, as the demands to go to a job disappear. By taking action to avoid sitting or lying down for the majority of a day, seniors can maintain a schedule that allows social contact with others while gaining the benefits of regular exercise.

Dual Purpose Activities

Ordinary activities can turn into beneficial periods of exercise, and many of them serve other useful purposes as well. Using the grocery store as a place to exercise is easy by walking up one aisle and down another. Home improvement stores contain areas that feature appliances, building materials, outdoor furniture and grills that are interesting to explore even if a purchase is not desired.

By expanding the amount of time required to go to a drugstore or a dress shop or to get a haircut, anyone who wants to increase physical activity has many options to do so. Organized events provide an incentive to stay active by participating in groups, and spontaneous opportunities that occur occasionally are equally enjoyable.

Golf outings that are sponsored by charity organizations are almost always memorable events, and many of them provide souvenirs such as promotional golf balls. Participating in activities tends to encourage seniors to seek additional outlets for exercise, while inactivity tends to encourage a sedentary lifestyle. The beauty of a golf course makes it a desirable place to walk nine, and breathing the clean air is refreshing. Playing golf is an excellent way to stay fit and enjoy gorgeous scenery at the same time.

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