Three Things that Make Senior Living More Independent

Many seniors choose to continue living independently after retirement. Independent living provides freedom and frequently keeps a person near friends and family in the immediate area. Some tasks can become difficult especially if mobility is an issue. This can sometimes limit the things a senior can do in the home without assistance. Fortunately, three things will make living independently easier for seniors.

Home Modifications

Some home modifications will allow seniors to live more independently. Installing a walk-in tub in the bathroom will make it possible for seniors get in and out of the shower without having to lift the legs. Installing new appliances that have large digital displays and easily pressed buttons will make cooking possible. Lowering cabinets increases accessible storage space. Homes with multiple levels can be fitted with stair lifts that allow a person to move between levels without assistance. All of these home modifications make living independently easier each day.

Home Maintenance Innovations

Several home maintenance innovations will help seniors to keep the house and property in good condition without hiring outside cleaners or gardeners. ExMark stand on mowers allow a person to stand on a motorized unit and cut the grass on a lawn or yard without having to walk behind the machine. They also do not require a senior to get in and out of a seat or climb up over a large chassis. Ergonomic cleaning tools with long necks and large padded handles make it possible for seniors to clean windows and other locations without bending over or climbing a stepladder.

Mobility Scooters

Seniors who have difficulty walking long distances can be more independent with a mobility scooter. These are compact electrical scooters with a steering system, storage and a seat. Seniors can ride the scooters to get around the house or to get to nearby stores and attractions. They are even allowed in many retail locations. The scooter can often operate for many hours at a time without requiring recharging. This provides a large amount of independence since seniors can get to locations inside and outside of the home without help.


Seniors who are comfortable using technology might also benefit from apps and other gadgets. Apps that provide reminders for medication make independent living easier to manage. Laptops or tablets with webcams can keep seniors in touch with friends and family. A home automation system integrated with a mobile device will allow seniors to control appliances, lights and entertainment systems in the home without having to walk through each room.

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