How to Stop Elderly Wandering in Middle of The Night?

“My 89 year-old mom has Alzheimer’s Disease and won’t stay in bed. In the middle of the night she’s sneaking downstairs and we’re afraid she will get out of the house. Should we lock the her bedroom door or bolt the exits? I’m afraid of her getting hurt but locking the doors seems dangerous. We can’t afford an expensive monitor. Is there an affordable wander alarm for elderly people with dementia?”

Inexpensive Wander Alarms to Protect the Elderly

Mini Patient Wander Alarm
Yes, there are some very affordable ways of protecting your mom. And I agree … never lock the exits or block doorways. You can end up killing people in an emergency. In a fire, a firefighter could become trapped in the home because you blocked the exit. Don’t do it!

You can buy some very affordable clip on alarms like the one pictured here. They cost less then forty dollars.

This Mini Pull-Cord Alarm is built to prevent tampering. It’s amazing how clever some dementia patients can be at times. Some are very clever at sneaking out! This device is nice and small and deters tampering. There’s a magnetic pull-cord that triggers a LOUD alarm if the device gets separated from the system.

You connect the alarm to the bed, chair or wheelchair and if the pateint gets up the alarm goes off. I suggest you mount the alarm out of reach ( like under the bed) so they can’t silence it. The off button is under a magnet that makes it hard for the patient to switch off.

Available on Amazon. Here’s our affiliate link:  Mini Patient Wander Alarm

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