Medical Notification Services for Seniors

We recently discovered a valuable service that helps senior citizens in medical emergencies. If your elderly parent or grandparent were rushed to the hospital – when would you find out? When would emergency room staff get vital medical records? Well, fortunately My Notification Services makes it possible to contact relatives quickly and send medical information fast. Take a moment to read this information they sent us last week:

A Service to Assist Seniors in the Event of a Medical Emergency

Many seniors are without a solution for medical emergencies that happen inside or outside their home. Being prepared for those unforeseen emergencies not only gives you peace of mind but it can make sure your emergency doesn’t become someone else’s emergency.

Most people are unaware of the state of the emergency care system in this country and that if they ended up in an emergency room it can take an average of 6 hours before a family member is notified. This is due to a combination of privacy laws (by law a hospital is only supposed to get your contact information off a Driver’s License, State ID or Passport) and hospital emergency rooms being overwhelmed and not having time to make multiple phone calls (since 1990 the number of ER’s in the country has dropped 30% while ER visits have increased 35%). It is crucial for a hospital to know some of your medical information such as medical conditions, allergies, prescription drugs, herbs & supplements taking, along with how to contact your physician. Diagnostic errors take the life of over 100,000 people a year, making it the 5th leading cause of death in the US.

This is where My Notification Service can assist. What we do is offer a safety net for those who find themselves incapable of providing information to emergency service personnel. In the event of a medical emergency, due to accident, illness, or disaster, and if you are unable to communicate, we can provide your medical information to any hospital in the world in minutes. We then notify up to 9 important contacts to make sure they know where you are. It is also important that loved ones are notified promptly so that important responsibilities are taken care of, like caring for your pet, child or elderly relative. This service functions just about anywhere in the world so it is valuable whether you just stay at home or if you travel overseas. For more information visit


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