Life After Retirement: Fruitful Things to Do at Age 60 and Up

Retirement is perhaps one of the most anticipated time in a person’s life. Imagine, you will no longer have to wake up early every single day to prepare and go to the office. Depending on the mandated government policy, 60 years old is the usual retirement age. After many years of working so hard to earn a living, retirement gives you all the time in the world. But, what you gonna do after retiring?

Go on a Vacation

Since you have worked for like 20 to 40 years, it is just right to relax and travel to places that you have longed to visit. After retirement, you can head to any travel destinations without worrying about workloads. Explore local destinations or international hot spots with your significant other. A lot of couples take this as an opportunity to rekindle the relationship and reconnect with their better half after busy lives of working so hard.

The best thing about retirement is the freedom to go where you want and when you like. No more vacation leaves to be approved or rejected. You can relax at the beach for as long as you want or stay at the rural areas to get peace of mind. Additional bonus for traveling after retirement is the discount you can get since you are already senior. Now that is life!

Start a Business

A clever decision to do after retirement is starting up a business. Retirees rely on their monthly pension to support their needs and expenses. And so to avoid being broke and continue bringing money in your pocket, open up a business that you can handle. In case you are into cars and auto parts, start an automotive shop offering car parts and services. For those who love antique items, an antique shop might be a good business.

Some retirees make use of their work experience to start a business. They usually establish a consulting business offering different services related to their chosen field. This is very favorable for the retirees since the works and responsibilities are already familiar. Choose a business that you can handle properly.


Most working professionals do not have time to visit relatives and friends. So after retiring, you control your own schedule. Get in touch with a relative whom you have not seen for years. Or, pay a visit to a long-time friend who lives in another state. During those times that you work, chances are, you don’t spend much time to socialize. Well, this is a good time to meet new people and gain new friends. Join community groups to start socializing.

Do your Hobby

Another treat for yourself after retirement is doing what you like best. Performing your hobby is a means of relaxing. During those times that you were working, you might have limited time making it possible. Now you have all the time. Some retirees enjoy growing flowers and cultivating garden. They tend to get a joyful feeling when their plants grow. For those who are into outdoor activities, there is no limit on how many hours you can spend outside. Whether you like fishing or camping, you can enjoy doing your hobby without any worry.

Stay Active

Retirement gives you total freedom to carry out what you want. But, health aspect should never be neglected especially at this age and onwards.  Keep a healthy lifestyle. Stay physically active by doing some exercises. Elderly people are prone to different kinds of diseases. So, it is important to eat healthy and do physical activities to stray away from or at least lessen the risk of developing age related ailments. If you are suffering from any sort of condition, remember to have your medical apparatus like alert system and kits ready all the time.

About the author. This guest post was written by Ashley O’connor. She is a social media writer who works with several successful establishments including Fall Alert, a provider of personal emergency response systems. When not writing, she just watches tv or reads books. Follower her on Twitter at @AshleyOconnor82 or on Facebook. She and her girl pals have a blog,

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