Looking Sharp- In Your Senior Years Too!

Aging is inevitable, and there’s no amount of botox and facelifts that can stop the process. So eventually we all have to deal with the fact that our faces aren’t as unlined as they used to be; that we have less hair on our heads and more in our ears and noses; and that we can’t stay out all night drinking beer and then still get up and go to work. Once a young man hits puberty and starts growing facial hair, then he’s going to need to take care of it for the rest of his life. No doubt, like most men, he’ll experiment from time to time, and there will be the occasional ill-advised moustache or sideburns. But from puberty to the grave, a man has to contend with his facial hair. Since skin changes as we grow older, the way we need to remove facial hair changes too. What are some great tips for shaving once there’s a lot of grey in that beard?

Shaving For Younger Men and Shaving For Older Men: What’s The Difference?

Hopefully most older men have refined their shaving technique over the years and no longer have to stick small squares of toilet paper to the numerous cuts a novice shave often inflicts on himself. As we get older, the skin is less firm, and the contours of our face change. For many men, shaving their face is something that can be done almost on autopilot, since we’re so familiar with our own faces. While wrinkles and jowls won’t develop overnight, they do happen, and the skin becomes more delicate. You might need to change razors to a different type (safety razor or electric razor) if you find yourself consistently cutting your face. Skin gets thinner as we grow older, so cutting yourself while shaving can become more common.

Something To Hide Behind

Some people become profoundly depressed at the thought of aging, and attempt to do something radical to prevent it (do a Google search for Plastic Surgery Disasters for further evidence). Thankfully, many people embrace their age and are comfortable in their own skin. Men aren’t adverse to a bit of aging depression, yet they have a completely natural way to disguise certain aging factors; something that women are unable to do (or most women, anyway). It’s simple: grow a beard. A well-groomed beard can add a look of distinction and gravitas, and it’s rather effective in covering up wrinkles on the lower half of the face.

Dry and Electric

While there are some electric razors on the market that can be used with water and lubricants to give a very close shave, most of the time an electric razor provides a dry shave. While not usually as close of a shave as those provided by straight or safety razors, an electric razor can still remove facial hair without irritating the skin, and skin irritation after shaving can get worse the older we get.

Aging needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to shaving our faces, but there are a number of options that are kinder to skin that’s not as young as it used to be. At the end of the day, you can wear and shave your facial hair any way you want to- you’ve earned it!

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This is a guest post by contributing author Linda M. Linda currently represents The Art of Shaving, the best source to find traditional shaving products online.

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