Medical Alert Systems: Beware of Details

Senior citizens and their families depend upon medical alert systems for protection.  Personal emergency response systems (PERS) for the elderly give individuals instant access to emergency services help and assistance from friends and relatives nearby at the push of the button.  But not all  systems are alike.

While most senior medical alert systems are suitable for older adults living alone, their contracts can vary widely.  Some very well-known and heavily promoted medical alert system company that you’ve seen advertised on TV by a famous spokesman as one of the most restrictive subscription contracts in the business.

Before you sign up per service that forces you to stay with them for two years and makes you pay cancellation fees if you need to get out of the contract – you should take a look at the product from LifeStation.

The LifeStation product easy to use and provides reliable service.  They’re monitoring center is based here in the United States. That means that when you’re a mom or dad calls for help they won’t have to speak to someone in another country who barely understands English! We hate to sound rude,  but you know how frustrated you can get when you have to deal with someone who doesn’t understand you? Now just imagine how frustrated  an elderly person in distress would be!

Another nice thing about LifeStation is that you can cancel the product at any time. Maybe your mom or dad is going through a tough time right now and could use a medical alert device but they are going to be moving into a nursing home in several months. With some companies you’d be forced to keep on paying for the service for full two years even though you don’t need anymore.  With LifeStation you can call it cancel without a hassle.

Because they don’t rope you win with a long-term commitment they know they have to consistently deliver excellent service.  I’ve only heard good things about customer service and the monitoring services at this company. Plus, the monitor is very simple to set up and get running.

Here’s a quick tip; make sure the person who’s going to be wearing the emergency alert system is very comfortable with using it. Some senior citizens are reluctant to push the button because they’re afraid that if they do the company will call 911 in the fire department and police will carry them away! You need to make sure that the user knows that the monitoring company will not automatically send 911 workers – first they attempt to speak with the person that pushed the alarm.

The emergency response monitoring company has trained their employees to be able to calm down and get information from the person in distress. If they’re able to speak to someone in the house they can make a determination as to what the next course of action would be.  Sometimes you don’t need emergency services people – perhaps all you need is to have a relative or nearby neighbor phoned. Ensure that the senior citizen who uses the system is well aware that they will not lose control of the situation. The only time that the monitoring company will call emergency services is when they can’t reach somebody in the home and they have reason to believe that someone push the button and could be unconscious or for some other reason unable to communicate.

The systems are extremely affordable, easy-to-use and can certainly save lives. Check out LifeStation for a very flexible, reliable med alert.

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