PERS Medical Alerts for Seniors – Stay Safe

Medical alert systems are great for helping elderly people get help when they are suddenly sick or have an accident – but did you know they can also help in the event of a crime or a fire?

When you push the panic button on a senior alert system, you’re immediately connected to a monitoring center who can send all types of help.  Many people buy these devices for their elderly parents or grandparents because they’re worried about their health of these devices can also save a life in the event of a fire or a robbery.

Crime Safety

An elderly person is at home burglar decides to break in, they’re at the mercy of the desperate criminal.  Many people disable their burglar alarms when they’re at home to avoid accidentally setting them off.  This means a greater chance of being broken into during the day.  As a matter of fact, most house burglaries happened during the day when crooks expect people to be out of the house.  If there’s a break in, or the resident in the home sees a prowler they don’t have to sit there are terrified.  All that to do is push the button and they’ll be instantly connect it with help.

They can have 911 dispatch to the home immediately or the monitoring company can call a next-door neighbor or friend to drop by and check things out.

Fire Safety

Fire is also another major risk.  Senior citizens with cognitive impairments might leave things cooking on the stove that could cause a fire ( I know I’ve accidentally left my tea kettle on way too many times but luckily my wife turned it off before I part my house down). In addition to installing a smoke alarm in the carbon monoxide alarm you should also have a personal emergency response system.

Fires can happen quickly and track a person in a room that’s not your telephone.  With the push of the panic button or monitoring company can send help right away.

Be sure to read our reviews of the best systems. There are a lot of med alert systems on the market today, some are great and some are next to useless. Some have wonderful contracts and others have contracts designed to track you into a long-term commitment.  Be sure to check out our top pick, LifeStation.

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