Top Apps for the Elderly

The Smartphone revolution has not only affected younger users. There is a growing contingent of senior adults who have found numerous ways that these devices can change their lives. Whereas teenagers may post a picture of every meal to Instagram or tweet every passing thought, mature Smartphone and tablet users have discovered apps and programs that suit their lifestyles. Many popular apps are relevant to all audiences, no matter what their average age is. For instance, there is no reason that grandmothers and granddads will not find a Facebook app just as convenient and fun as their grandkids would. There are a growing number of apps, though, that fit the niche for senior users perfectly. Check out our list below for some popular senior apps.


Since many seniors need to keep up with current information on their prescriptions, this app adds a safety feature in the event that a drug requires a new safety alert. Normally, if a safety alert is issued in regards to a particular drug, one would have to monitor television, radio, or internet news to be aware of the problem. With MedWatcher, seniors receive an alert on their mobile device if important drug information is released. They can also register updates on side effects that they might experience while taking their medicine. This app was co-developed by the US Food and Drug Administration and is free to download.

My Medical

For those who have ever worried about their mom and pop during doctor’s visits, My Medical offers powerful relief. This app keeps track of important medical information on the user’s phone. It works well in helping remind doctors and medical staff about events in a patient’s history that may affect drug interactions or medical procedures.  This app is also helpful in the event of an emergency if a senior cannot remember pertinent medical information. The good news is that it also keeps more than one record, if senior partners would like to have all of their records on one phone.

Dragon Dictation

This app is the perfect fit for seniors who have arthritis, or other health concerns that affect their hand strength or dexterity. Using voice-recognition, the program transcribes spoken dictations into numerous programs. Seniors can use this app for composing Word documents and emails, or creating Facebook status updates.


For book lovers who have begun to have trouble reading and for those who have not, this app gives the senior access to a virtual library of titles. Users can browse available books and download them. This unique app also allows seniors to set visual preferences for font size and background, which provides a life-changing option for those with challenges to their vision. This app features audio capability, as well, allowing seniors to listen to their favorite books.

This is a Guest Post by contributing author Linda Michelle. Linda currently represents NQ Mobile, a mobile security and productivity company dedicated to protect mobile devices.

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