Advice for Helping Individuals with Limited Mobility

If you have someone in your life, whether it’s a friend, parent or family member that isn’t able to move around as freely as they would like because of an injury or medical condition, there are some things you can do to help them. While you won’t always be there to physically help them, there are many things you can do to make life easier and more efficient for somebody with limited mobility. They’ll also feel self-sufficient, like they don’t have to rely on somebody else to help them with every little task, which is extremely important for building and maintaining self-esteem.


Purchase a Portable Commode


Portable commodes and urinals can be extremely helpful for people with limited mobility when nature calls late at night. People with limited mobility may find it difficult to walk or move about in the dark, and turning on lights can be extremely disruptive to sleep. A portable urinal is an essential item that everybody with limited mobility, even if it’s only for a short time because of an injury, should have. Portable commodes and urinals won’t break the bank, either, and they are fairly easy to clean in the morning.


Install Different Lighting


Motion and sound activated lighting might seem like an expensive investment, but it really is quite affordable with recent technological advances. Motion and sound activated lighting can be used in all rooms, but it’s especially helpful in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom areas that are commonly accessed in the evening when it’s already dark outside. Motion and sound activated lighting can also make turning on general lighting much easier, and help somebody with limited mobility avoid straining or injuring themselves.


Exercise with Them


You might think that somebody who has limited mobility won’t be able to exercise much. However, people that can’t move around a lot really need exercise to keep their body as healthy and strong as possible. People with limited mobility can do certain exercises, though the best exercises may depend on their particular condition. Many people with limited mobility can lift light free weights or use resistance bands. Others may be able to walk with assistance, which can actually help to relieve pain and build stronger muscles over time. If you do exercise with someone with limited mobility, make sure they talk to their doctor first about their exercise routine. Not everybody is healthy enough for regular exercise.

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