Working Out In Your Senior Years

Being older is a benefit to working out because you can still keep your body in excellent shape. Age does not make a difference when it comes to being healthy. Take a look at some ideas that you can try out to be fit as you mature:

  • Stretching:  Older people can start a healthy lifestyle by doing plenty of stretching. This activity should be done every day in a low intensity setting to ensure that muscles are toned and conditioned. Stretching in the morning is the perfect way to get started on your work out for the week.
  • Walking: Walking is a free exercise that you can do at any time. Being older does not mean that you cannot benefit from walking in fact, age works in your favor because your joints and limbs are being used, and it is a comfortable exercise to do without exerting yourself too much. Integrate walking as an exercise in all parts of your life such as walking to the shop and walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator.
  • Pilates:  Being in your senior years is the best time to start Pilates. Pilates gives seniors plenty in terms of flexibility which is crucial for older people especially to manage arthritis which can affect many older people. Pilates is more mainstream which makes it even easier to find it in your local gym and you can do it several times per week depending on availability.
  • Dancing: There are lots of types of dancing for older people that will ignite a passion for dancing frequently. Line-dancing and ballroom dancing are two styles of dancing that would suit older people because they are fun, inclusive and also allow them to meet new people.

Advantages of working out

As you become older, it is more important to work out because of slowing metabolism. This opens up older people to a world of exercise possibilities and a chunk of benefits for them. These good points about working out include:

  • Maintains a healthy heart: Exercises such as running keep your heart rate up and help you keep your heart in prime condition. This is especially important as you become older because your physical fitness is important to enjoying life. According to a report from the U.S. Surgeon General on physical activity and health, people who are not active are more likely to be susceptible to heart disease.  As this research highlights, being active is important for people for all ages, and older people are not exceptions to the rule. Keeping your heart in good shape is important for your entire wellbeing.
  • Keeps stress levels down: Exercise releases hormones that make you feel energetic and positive. Older people should try to keep stress levels down and exercise is one key to unlock a relaxed attitude for life.

Working out is an excellent option for older people because it adds a health and fitness dimension to the best time of life enjoying life experiences and having extra time for passions and pursuits.

Guest post by contributing author Linda Michelle. Linda’s currently representing Well Wisdom, who are the number one source for grass fed whey protein shakes. 

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