Five Tips for Spending Your Retirement Abroad

Retiring abroad is a dream that many people have. Spending retirement exploring and relaxing in another country is a very attractive thought. The process of retiring abroad is not always simple. Several things need to be considered before moving. Five tips will help anyone who is planning to spend retirement abroad. Five Tips for Spending Your Retirement Abroad

Make Plans for Healthcare

The first tip is to make detailed plans for healthcare coverage abroad. Government healthcare programs will not usually provide coverage once a person retires overseas. Additionally, it could take years to become eligible for local coverage in certain countries. It will likely be necessary to shop for an insurer that will provide all the health coverage necessary in the new country at an affordable price.

Look For Expatriate Communities

Expatriates or expats are people who have decided to live in a country other than their country of origin. Anyone planning to retire to an unfamiliar area will want to seek out expat communities. Living in or near one of these communities can make adjusting to life abroad much easier. Expat communities often have access to familiar services or products that are not easy to find in the rest of the country. Living near expats also makes learning about the local language, customs and community simpler.

Plan To Buy a House

Many countries around the world have lax, confusing or non-existent laws regarding renters. Retiring comfortably abroad will mean planning to buy a house in the country. Buying a house provides stability and many protections that are not present for renters. According to the experts at Leverage Real Estate, owning a home abroad also allows retirees to buy new investment properties or take out loans to make life more comfortable. Buying a home abroad can be a very good investment opportunity if the city and neighborhood are chosen carefully.

Know the Visa Requirements

Retiring abroad is not as simple as saving and buying a home in the new country. Individual countries have very different rules regarding visas for foreigners. A number of countries have clear paths that will result in a permanent full-time resident visa. Other countries have far more restrictive laws and never issue permanent visas. It is important to understand whether it is possible get a permanent visa in a country before making retirement plans.

Understand the Region Very Well

People who have been living in one place for their entire lives are often shocked at the differences in other countries. Retirees should do extensive research about the destination country and the surrounding region. It is important to understand the culture, the language and the politics. Retirees should avoid moving to countries in unstable regions or countries that are culturally adverse to outsiders.


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