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Devices to Prevent Wandering In Dementia and Help Find Lost Victims

The NHS talks about how electronic devices can be used to help protect seniors with dementia from getting lost.

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Coconut Oil Alzheimer’s Disease Cure?

Coconut oil cures Alzheimers? While we’d all love to believe that this hideous disease could be easily cured with a natural, cheap and yummy food … the eviedence is sorely lacking! I think this article on Snopes sums it up well. There’s isn’t any credible evidence to support the claim. Stories of AD victims who’ve […]

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Alzheimer’s Disease: Caregiver Help

What do you do when you find out your mom or dad has Alzheimer’s Disease or another form of dementia? As the population’s life expectancy conitnues to improve we’re seeing a marked decrease in the quality of life when our bodies outlive our minds. I’ve recently discoved Fit Minds and I’m looking into the products […]

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Managing Meds for Patients with Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Sometimes it can seem like a cruel irony: the elderly, particularly those suffering from dementia, senility or Alzheimer’s disease, are often both most in need of medication and most likely to take those medications incorrectly. Mistakes with prescriptions can result in illness and even death, so proper med management for seniors with senility issues is […]

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Alzheimer’s Care: Why you should encourage old people to play memory games

The idea of getting Alzheimer’s Disease seems a terrible thought for anyone whose parents have already reached the age of 60. Even for young ones like us, the idea of completely forgetting your relatives or friends for the rest of your senior life is a total nightmare. While we try to keep our parents and […]

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