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Alzheimer’s Care 101: How to Take Care of your Caregiver

When caring for old and sickly people, nobody does a better job at this than the caregiver. Of course, that’s what they are paid to do but if you think about it, it’s not easy being a caregiver. And with my experience, it’s not being easy being a caregiver of a patient who has Alzheimer’s […]

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Happier Despite MND

Symptoms and treatment for motor neuron disease (MND) may sound serious and intimidating but there can be life during MND. The disease is said to be almost always fatal, beginning with increasing paralysis and then ultimately death. Though few adults worldwide with ages 50 to 70 develop the disease, it’s still worth finding out what […]

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Brain Food: Eating Right to Fight Alzheimer’s

We’re all familiar with the concept of  “superfoods,” but few people actually know why some foods are so much better than others. Fewer still know that some foods have a direct effect on the brain, reducing inflammation, facilitating communication between cells, and building new neural pathways. Here are some of the best foods to keep […]

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Caring for the Elderly: How is Grandpa’s Ego?

As we live longer in modern times, the middle generations the ones that have kids of their own and living parents, are sometimes faced with a life changing situation. One of the elders has passed away and the other one, sometimes after many years of living together, is suddenly facing life on his own. It […]

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Can Fish Oil Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease and Heart Attacks?

  There is no solid evidence to show that taking fish oil supplements can prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. But every year people spend billions of dollars on fish-oil because somewhere along the line they read omega-3 fatty acids prevent heart attacks and omega-3 fatty acids prevent dementia. Lets face it, we’d all like to believe that we […]

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